Praxis designs’ approach to architecture is expressed through innovative designs which focus on realising the spaces you have imagined through:

  1. Creativity in Design
  2. Striking Exteriors
  3. Charming Interiors
  4. Functional and Flexible Spaces
  5. Honest Material Selections
  6. Appropriate Technical Solutions
  7. Regulation Compliant Decisions
  8. Sustainable Technology
  9. Economic Proposals
  10. Crisp Detailing
our services and approach

what we do

Over the years we have developed into a well-established practice and have obtained a prestigious reputation through our elegant designs of distinguished nature situated all over the island. Our experience allows us to undertake projects of any character and work with you through every design stage all the way to completion of the project. Our prime focus is designing the ultimate experience for our clients and potential users.

Our knowledge and experience in the field allow our experts to offer a complete package of services of the highest quality. You can trust we will take the most appropriate decisions for your project through comprehensive consultations not only on architectural design solutions but also on : planning, structural engineering, interior and landscape design. Our graceful office premises in the city centre are always open to welcoming you for a friendly discussion on any new project you have in mind or in order to provide advice and ideas on ongoing designs.

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Our portfolio confirms our team’s experience on a variety of typologies and scales: from residential to commercial, new builds, renovations and extensions. We promise to elegantly design step by step and in detail the house or project you have envisioned and deliver it within your required time frame and budget. 

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During our 30 years in the field we have submitted and successfully obtained planning permission for hundreds of planning applications. As experienced professionals in the field we know, follow and always keep up with all the laws and regulations relevant to any type and scale of project.

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We promise to design the most functional and fluid interior spaces carefully arranged and with the most creative selection of materials. We can further advice, amongst others, on the best suitable furniture, colours and lighting solutions for your space.

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Our expertise is not limited to building exteriors and interior spaces but extends further to the outdoors. Throughout the years, we have undertaken projects designing serene and delightful gardens, public spaces, pool areas, roof terraces and many more exteriors of integrated landscape nature.

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Our experts always design with statics in mind to ensure your new or renovated structure will primarily be safe to use and inhabit. Moreover, we collaborate with the greatest structural engineering firms in the country to guarantee the fastest and most professional project deliveries. 

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Working with us guarantees the best possible consultation though regular site visits, presentations and meetings about your project from initial concept stages to final construction and delivery. We respect your needs and opinion and we will provide you the maximum number of options to encourage conversations and develop desired solutions.

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About Us

Praxis Designs is an architectural practice established in 1989. The company offers services in the fields of architecture and interior design with emphasis on Bioclimatic and solar Architecture. In addition to the conventional projects, Praxis Designs also offers “made to measure packages” with prime located plots and creative designs that meet customer’s particular needs and requirements. Praxis Designs associates are members of the Scientific and Technical Chamber of Cyprus (ETEK).